Daily Archives: August 3, 2015

Issue Regarding Windows 10 Upgrades – Resolved!

Please read this is you are using mailboxes supplied by us and Fasthosts.

You may be aware that Windows 10 was launched last week and the desktop upgrades that we have done here at Broadbiz HQ has caused us a few problems.

There appear to be some compatibility issues between Windows 10 and the Fasthosts SMTP (sending mail) servers which we are talking to Fasthosts as we speak. The problem is that once you upgrade to Windows 10, the Fasthosts servers do not work in Outlook and so you cannot send any emails.

Our Advice: Do Not Upgrade Yet

Whilst we sort this problem out with Fasthosts, we strongly recommend that you do not upgrade to Windows 10. All other platforms including previous versions of Windows plus Android and Apple seem to be still functioning OK.

Contact Details

You can get in touch with us on 01843 609372 or via email on hello@broadbiz.co.uk.


Resolved: 8th August 2015

One of our whizz kids here at Broadbiz HQ, Jonathan Plumridge has found the solution to this. By running a system filecheck and implementing the upgrades, the problem is no more and all our PCs are up and running again.

Here’s what we did. At the DOS prompt, we typed ‘sfc /scannow’ and after a half hour scan and upgrade, the problem has been resolved.

Presumably this has been resolved in the latest downloads of Windows 10 and I guess the lessons here, is not to upgrade to new software on the day of release … even if it is FREE!