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Launch of the Damptec Website

Today sees the launch of another new website at Broadbiz.

Damptec is a company in Ramsgate specialising in  Plastering, Dry-lining, Timber Treatment and more.

Before:                                                                     After:


Screenshot of the OLD Damptec website

Screenshot of the NEW Damptec website

Screenshot of the NEW Damptec website

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Launch of the Home Guard 4 Alarms website

Are you having trouble with your alarm systems? Well don’t stress any more. Home Guard 4 Alarms can save you lots of time and money with a 24 hour call out services.

Previously having a website, Nick Parker decided it wasn’t quite working for them so Broadbiz stepped in to save the situation.  We provided them with a whole new redesign along with a selection of the products which weren’t available on the website previously.

Here is a Before and After screenshot of the website showing a fresher, cleaner look:

Screenshot of the old Home Guard 4 Alarms website.

Screenshot of the old Home Guard 4 Alarms website.

Screenshot of the New Home Guard 4 Alarms website

Screenshot of the New Home Guard 4 Alarms website







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“Mobile Friendly” vs “Responsive Design”

There’s been a lot of talk about Mobile-Friendly and Responsive websites recently so we thought it worthwhile laying out our understanding of that and what we do, here at Broadbiz HQ!

What are mobile-friendly websites?

barnwoodpropertyMobile–friendly websites display perfectly well on desktop and mobile devices, i.e. phones and tablets. They are small enough to load over mobile networks and they don’t include things like Flash which has incompatibility issues.

They can be read easily and can be navigated using the “Pinch & Spread” method. Obviously your mobile device will be smaller but ultimately, you can see the website, read the content and have the same experience as if you were looking at the website on a desktop.

What is a responsive website?

Responsive web design (RWD) takes a different approach to designing your website. The website is written in such a way that it detects what type of device you are using and delivers you a suitable layout.

kentcabincraftcentreYou can navigate the site using the “Flick & Scroll” method similar to the way in which you would navigate one of your apps, such as Facebook or Twitter.

The navigation menu will alter dependent on what device you are using; the desktop site will display a navigation bar whilst the mobile version will give you a button to click on at which point the navigation menu will appear.

Most importantly though, it’s the same content. Some developers will provide you two websites, one for desktop and one for mobile. That not only causes additional effort and complexities in keeping the site up-to-date but it’s also not favoured by Google who see a whole bunch of conflicting pages and content.

What do Broadbiz do?

We do things the right way for you. Remember, we are looking to work with you as long as you are in business so it’s in our interest to get it right and to keep it right!

We take your website and make it fully responsive so it works on desktop and it works on mobile as well. It’s the same content and most importantly it’s all of your content. The information that you have is available on all devices and if you really want to switch between the two layouts, there’s always a link at the bottom to allow you to do that.

Yeah, but how much?

To do this, we charge an additional £7.50 per month on top of any of our packages.

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You can find out more about our mobile friendly offering on our website.