Daily Archives: November 13, 2015

Launch of website for Hayley Owers, BDS

We have just launched a small website for local Hayley Owers, BDS Dental Surgeon in record time! take a look at www.hayleyowers.co.uk.

We think that after over 3000 websites, this was the quickest that we have ever gone from initial consultation to launch. We first spoke to Hayley about this on Wednesday and on Friday morning it was live. Shows how quick it can be done if the client has all the content and is flexible on design.

Hayley Owers is an experienced general dentist having spent over 25 years in general practice and is now working at www.winghamdental.co.uk.







Hayley came to us 2 days ago needing a simple yet professional looking website. She delivered the content to us quickly and after a few alterations she now has a live professional website which looks great!

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