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Thanet Community Support Partnership Relaunch

Thanet Community Support Partnership (TCSP) have had a website with Broadbiz over 5 years and we are proud to announce the new website redesign. You can visit their website at

Before & After

Before screenshot - Thanet Community Support Partnership

Screenshot of the previous TCSP website

After screenshot - Thanet Community Support Partnership

Screenshot of the TCSP website after the redesign.


Thanet Community Support Partnership is a project managed and hosted by Thanet Volunteer Bureau. TCSP is a central point of contact representing a group of organisations who work together to support older people in a number of ways.

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The Gap Project – Community package

Not long before the Easter break we launched a brand new website for The Gap Project, based at Queens Road Baptist Church, Broadstairs

The Gap Project in Broadstairs is a vibrant and innovative charity serving the local community, using the fantastic facilities of Queens Road Baptist Church.


Here at Broadbiz we have just finished our development of, this site is one of our most dynamic and attractive sites.

Commmunity Websites

Since our foundation in 2005, Broadbiz have consistently helped the local Broadstairs and woder Thanet community with a range of free or reduced priced websites. Take a look at our community pages and see whether we can help you or your organisation.

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Launch of Bridal Way – It’s easier to work with a local company!

Broadbiz are delighted to announce the relaunch of the website for Ramsgate-based, Bridal Way.

Bridal Way is situated in West Cliff Road, Ramsgate and has earned a reputation as one of the finest bridal shops in Kent. You can now visit the website at

Bridal Way website screenshot - By Broadbiz

Screenshot of the Bridal Way website, making the most of some of the beautiful imagery available by Keeley.

Web Design by a Local Company

Keeley at Bridal Way was generally quite happy with her existing site but as it was managed by a company in the Midlands, she found it quite difficult to get it exactly the way she wanted and so searched out a local company.

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Thanks Aquaread for referring us… and here’s a bottle of bubbly!

As part of Broadbiz’s referral scheme, we were delighted last week to present a bottle of champagne to one of our first ever clients, Aquaread. Last year, Craig Harrison (shown below) had a very nice meal at Il Tricolore, Ramsgate but did notice that their website was down.

Craig Harrison from Aquaread being given a bottle of bubbly by Ian Lodge from Broadbiz for referring Il Tricolore

Craig Harrison from Aquaread being given a bottle of bubbly by Ian Lodge from Broadbiz for referring Il Tricolore

He mentioned to the team that Broadbiz were a local company that had helped Aquaread for a number of years and that they could help, so we got together. A few weeks later, Il Tricolore now have a new website which you can take a look at


Our Referral Scheme at Broadbiz

We believe that the best feedback that we can get comes in the form of a recommendation and so we run a referral scheme which just says “Thank You!”.

Bottles from Broadbiz to say Thank You

Bottles from Broadbiz to say Thank You – champagne, whiskey or vodka.

Join Us @ Broadbiz

If you think that you can make use of any of our services, then take a look at our website and if you know one of current clients, then go through them and they will get a little thank you!

Launch of the Sue Fitzgerald website

Here is one we missed! A couple of weeks back, we launched a new website for Sue Fitzgerald, a fine artist based in Sandwich, Kent and you can take a look at it at Fitzgerald has been exhibiting with The Catto Gallery for well over twenty years. Her work sells worldwide and she has a following of faithful collectors across the globe.

We have all been working hard on this site to make sure it presents her images in the best possible way.

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