New Website for Alpha Property Group, Margate

Alpha Property Group - Website Screenshot

Screenshot of the Alpha Property Group website

The team didn’t find the time last week to tell you about this but we got the new website live for Alpha Property Group live last week and you can see that at

Alpha Property Group offer essential services for the legal requirements in selling or letting properties. Based in Kent, they offer Energy Performance for residential and commercial properties, plus Legionella testing and associated certification.

Alpha Property Group also offer a full colour floor plan service for residential and commercial properties,  whether single or multiple units.

General Design

Broadbiz have worked closely with Alpha Property Group to get the right design and feel for the website. They supplied us with the logo and other content which helped the team choose the right colours and layout for the site.

Alpha Property Group on mobile site

How the Alpha Property Group website looks on a mobile site.

Mobile Friendly Website

Alpha Property Group were also interested in giving their customers a better online experience by taking advantage of our mobile friendly website add-on, priced at £7.50 per month or £90 a year.

Not only does that allow users to see the web information in a nicer and easily navigable format, but Alpha Property Group will benefit from higher Google rankings as a result of recent Google algorithm changes.

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