Launch of Bridal Way – It’s easier to work with a local company!

Broadbiz are delighted to announce the relaunch of the website for Ramsgate-based, Bridal Way.

Bridal Way is situated in West Cliff Road, Ramsgate and has earned a reputation as one of the finest bridal shops in Kent. You can now visit the website at

Bridal Way website screenshot - By Broadbiz

Screenshot of the Bridal Way website, making the most of some of the beautiful imagery available by Keeley.

Web Design by a Local Company

Keeley at Bridal Way was generally quite happy with her existing site but as it was managed by a company in the Midlands, she found it quite difficult to get it exactly the way she wanted and so searched out a local company.

A number of her friends and business associates had either used us or knew about us and so a number of recommendation pointed our way. The best form of feedback is a recommendation!

The look and feel was jazzed up and just as importantly for Keeley, we do all the tecchie stuff. Any changes to the site and a quick email, phone call or visit and we can get new content onto the site.

That can be invaluable in today’s busy busy work life!

By visiting the new website, you can find our more information and prices for all the dresses. Lots of great images have enabled us to put together a full gallery so you can see everything for yourself.

Next Steps for Bridal Way

We are currently working on a mobile-friendly version of the site which will allow mobile and tablet users to be able to see the entire site content in a more user-friendly way and of course, the website will benefit from better Google search rakings as a result.

Interested in Getting your Business Online?

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