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Thanet Community Support Partnership Relaunch

Thanet Community Support Partnership (TCSP) have had a website with Broadbiz over 5 years and we are proud to announce the new website redesign. You can visit their website at

Before & After

Before screenshot - Thanet Community Support Partnership

Screenshot of the previous TCSP website

After screenshot - Thanet Community Support Partnership

Screenshot of the TCSP website after the redesign.


Thanet Community Support Partnership is a project managed and hosted by Thanet Volunteer Bureau. TCSP is a central point of contact representing a group of organisations who work together to support older people in a number of ways.

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The Gap Project – Community package

Not long before the Easter break we launched a brand new website for The Gap Project, based at Queens Road Baptist Church, Broadstairs

The Gap Project in Broadstairs is a vibrant and innovative charity serving the local community, using the fantastic facilities of Queens Road Baptist Church.


Here at Broadbiz we have just finished our development of, this site is one of our most dynamic and attractive sites.

Commmunity Websites

Since our foundation in 2005, Broadbiz have consistently helped the local Broadstairs and woder Thanet community with a range of free or reduced priced websites. Take a look at our community pages and see whether we can help you or your organisation.

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Launch of Bridal Way – It’s easier to work with a local company!

Broadbiz are delighted to announce the relaunch of the website for Ramsgate-based, Bridal Way.

Bridal Way is situated in West Cliff Road, Ramsgate and has earned a reputation as one of the finest bridal shops in Kent. You can now visit the website at

Bridal Way website screenshot - By Broadbiz

Screenshot of the Bridal Way website, making the most of some of the beautiful imagery available by Keeley.

Web Design by a Local Company

Keeley at Bridal Way was generally quite happy with her existing site but as it was managed by a company in the Midlands, she found it quite difficult to get it exactly the way she wanted and so searched out a local company.

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Launch of the Sue Fitzgerald website

Here is one we missed! A couple of weeks back, we launched a new website for Sue Fitzgerald, a fine artist based in Sandwich, Kent and you can take a look at it at Fitzgerald has been exhibiting with The Catto Gallery for well over twenty years. Her work sells worldwide and she has a following of faithful collectors across the globe.

We have all been working hard on this site to make sure it presents her images in the best possible way.

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Profile Development & Training – New Website Launch

Broadbiz are pleased to announce the relaunch of Profile Development & Training which you can visit at

Website screenshot - Profile Development and Training

Screenshot of the Profile DT website on a laptop – also available on mobile and tablet

Profile Development and Training Ltd was founded by Andrea and Mark Webb together with Andy and Casey Gibbons in 2008. The initial main aim of the company was to provide high quality work-based training to employers and employees to meet the demands of the changing workforce. This focus has developed over the years to include a range of very successful apprenticeship programmes with our success rates being maintained well above the national average. Continue reading

Updated website and logo design – Cantuaria Stonemasons

Cantuaria Stonemasons who been working with Broadbiz to develop their web presence for 5 years or so and to reward them for the on for a long time, so in return we offered them a free upgrade of their site to display a more neat and user friendly website.

This has also benefited the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) due to the new content and the use of modern day techniques, to help increase the ranking on Google and Bing.


The Old Site vs The New Site

Cantuaria Stonemasons - Before redesign

Cantuaria Stonemasons – Before redesign

Cantuaria Stonemasons - Screenshot

Latest version of Cantuaria Stonemasons

Alan and Bill have worked with us and provided some great images, so a gallery was a great idea to show off their latest work. Each service they provide has its relevant gallery, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

This redesign has kept a similar structure to the previous one, expect we have used a much wider slideshow, cleaner fonts and updated images. Anyone who is to visit this website would be able to navigate around the site no problems.


Logo Design

Previously creating the logo, Cantuaria Stonemasons wanted to get away from the green colour, so we created something something similar but using the colours from the new redesign.

Logo for Cantuaria Stonemasons

Logo for Cantuaria Stonemasons, designed by Broadbiz Web Services Ltd.

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Royden Stock – New Website Launch!

We have been very busy today at Broadbiz with the launch of yet another website for Royden Stock at


Royden Stock – Dubbed “The Sage of St. Pancras” is an expert on the architecture and history behind the St. Pancras Hotel.

Designing and Developing this website has been a great experience as Royden provided some excellent photos of the building and a vast quantity of content for the site which is great for S.E.O

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Launch of the Dry Home Solutions website

As the first one of today’s launches, we have a brand new site for Dry Home Solutions, a company based near Dover specialising in damp proofing, condensation eradication, wet and dry rot and general roof repairs.

A full list of provided services can be found on their website, as well as information on quotes and how to contact.

Desktop screenshot of Dry Home Solutions website

Desktop screenshot of Dry Home Solutions website

General Design

Broadbiz originally created a design for Dry Home Solutions, but they then decided to go for a different look using more colours. After our second draft was ready, they provided us with lots of wording and images to be used all over their website.


Mobile Friendly

On average, 60% of internet users are generally browsing on their mobile device. With this in mind, a responsive website would benefit the website owner and the users that visit.

Mobile screenshot of Dry Home Solutions website

Mobile screenshot of Dry Home Solutions website

Interested in Getting your Business Online?

If you are interested in developing something similar or even something completely different, take a look at our packages starting from £20 and get in touch on 01843 609372.

Launch of the Fairways Kitchen Website

Here at Broadbiz, we have Just launched a brand new site for Fairways Kitchen which you can see at Fairways Kitchen is a restaurant located within the Stonlees Golf Club in Cliffsend and it offers golfers and customers premium food and services for a great price.
It’s not just for golfers though, as they also offer events including a monthly carvery, wedding packages as well as great corporate packages.

Our Process
Our development process includes the client at every stage and this was  no different. We started the development of the site with version 1 which was an interpretation of the information provided by them and sent that for review.
Then after the general look and feel has been agreed, we then get the content, wording and images into the site ready for launch.
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Logo design, website, printed media – Utility Audit Services Ltd.

New website for Utility Audit Services Ltd.

              New website for Utility Audit Services Ltd.

Many of our followers will have seen the website launches that we have done over the weeks, months and years and here is one more. But this one for Utility Audit Services Ltd. also included a range of additional services.

We’re not going to claim to be graphic designers, but there are a lot of similar skills involved in web design and certain elements of printed design which we supply for our website clients.

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