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Happy Halloween from the team at Broadbiz

As we approach Halloween (a US phenomenon that has found its way over here – Ed), many local shops are dressing up their windows and in black and orange to celebrate the festival.

Screenshot of the Broadbiz website, with a new look and feel for Halloween.

Screenshot of the Broadbiz website, with a new look and feel for Halloween.

How do we achieve this, technically?

Although this looks very different to the usual Broadbiz website, it can actually be achieved quite easily with a little skill, technical knowledge and use of the web design tools available to us. Scroll down to see what the original website looked like.

  • CSS – cascading stylesheets are used for all layout on our site and we have created an additional stylesheets (under 200 lines of code) defining the use of fonts and colours
  • Google Fonts – Google provide a wide range of fonts which we can embed into websites, this one featuring dripping blodd is called Nosifer.

Given the ease of this, we plan to make this a regular feature as we approach other events such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, etc. if you want to be kep up-to-date with what is going on, please feel free to sign up to our newsletter.

Screenshot of the Broadbiz website

Screenshot of the Broadbiz website

Resolved – Issues Accessing Customer Websites and E-mail Services

Unfortunately we have been experiencing problems with the Fasthosts platform. Planned maintenance is being carried out on the Fasthosts Servers from the 10th October to the early hours of 11th October.

This means customers may experience issues connecting to their websites or e-mail services. Fortunately this is only temporary and downtime should be kept to a minimum. We keep this blog post up to date as we learn more.

Here is the official statement from Fasthosts:

We will be carrying out upgrades to core network infrastructure between the hours of 2300 on Monday 10th October and 0600 Tuesday 11th October.

During this time there is an expected impact to live services lasting approximately 2 seconds. The services impacted are the shared web hosting and e-mail platforms.

This issue is presently under investigation.
Fasthosts has posted on their website that the maintenance is complete and normal services have been resumed.

How to Promote Your Website

A little earlier in January, I was asked to make a presentation to the Thanet Business Network advising members on ways in which they can increase the traffic to their website. The presentation went through a series of techniques both online and offline and culminated in this final slide which pretty much covers it.


High Quality Content

Google loves content. Simple as that. When people are searching for goods and services, Google is matching what is being searched against what you have on your website. If you haven’t taken a good look through your website content for a while, take half an hour to do so and let us have any updates.

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Black Friday Deals from our Customers

It has come from the US and seems to be bigger every year with more and more being spent online each year and I’m sure you are aware that today is Black Friday. You can read about it here.

We thought that you might like to see a few of the deal that our customers are running which may be if use to you, so here goes.

Keith Graham Hairdressing

Based in Cliftonville, Keith Graham Hairdressing are offering 25% off all Paul Mitchell products in store all day. Pop along to see them or visit their website at

Keith Graham Hairdressing Black Friday offer image

Serene Salon

In Broadstairs, Serene Hair and Beauty have a series of Black Friday deal including 20% off Kerastase and Katherine Daniels products and facials as well as bonus offers on all their vouchers. Take a look at their site at

Serene Salon Black Friday image

Red Bean Machine

Whilst over at Red Bean Machine, there is 25% off all flavoured beans and all you need to do is enter BFRI at checkout. Take a look at their site at

Red Bean Machine Black Friday image

Issue Regarding Windows 10 Upgrades – Resolved!

Please read this is you are using mailboxes supplied by us and Fasthosts.

You may be aware that Windows 10 was launched last week and the desktop upgrades that we have done here at Broadbiz HQ has caused us a few problems.

There appear to be some compatibility issues between Windows 10 and the Fasthosts SMTP (sending mail) servers which we are talking to Fasthosts as we speak. The problem is that once you upgrade to Windows 10, the Fasthosts servers do not work in Outlook and so you cannot send any emails.

Our Advice: Do Not Upgrade Yet

Whilst we sort this problem out with Fasthosts, we strongly recommend that you do not upgrade to Windows 10. All other platforms including previous versions of Windows plus Android and Apple seem to be still functioning OK.

Contact Details

You can get in touch with us on 01843 609372 or via email on


Resolved: 8th August 2015

One of our whizz kids here at Broadbiz HQ, Jonathan Plumridge has found the solution to this. By running a system filecheck and implementing the upgrades, the problem is no more and all our PCs are up and running again.

Here’s what we did. At the DOS prompt, we typed ‘sfc /scannow’ and after a half hour scan and upgrade, the problem has been resolved.

Presumably this has been resolved in the latest downloads of Windows 10 and I guess the lessons here, is not to upgrade to new software on the day of release … even if it is FREE!

Email Sending Problems with Fasthosts

Broadbiz customers using our mailboxes are currently experiencing some problems with sending emails. This is due to an error with our hosting partners, Fasthosts. The call was logged at 13.48pm and Fasthosts are currently investigating this issue as a matter of priority.fasthosts

We will be keeping on top of this until the issue is resolved and will be updating via social media as we are also affected and are unable to send emails.

Feel free to call the office on 01843 609372 for any advice.

Nice to see you, to see you, nice!

Image of Bruce ForsythAs proud members of Thanet Business Network, it was our turn to do a presentation to the 30+ members of the group this morning, early doors at Quex Barn.

“Nice to see you, to see you, nice!”

Now, we are fully aware that whilst Broadbiz’s services are very valuable to many businesses, it’s sometimes not the most interesting to talk about. So we decided to liven things up by turning it into a gameshow.

The content of the quiz was internet statistics with questions like, As of December 2013, how many Facebook users are there in the UK? with members being surprised that the answer was only 31 million!
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