China Gateway International – Website Launch

Our second launch of the week is for China Gateway International who are based in Manston, Kent. You can see the new website by visiting

The Development of China Gateway International

China Gateway came to us in April with a view to expanding their presence to the online world. They knew exactly what they was looking for and handed us their designs they had created. Within a couple of weeks we had a complete draft ready!

A couple of months down the line we now have a fully functionality great looking website live!

Mobile Friendly

60% of internet traffic is now via mobile devices such as phones and tablets which is a large portion of the market making mobile friendly sites a must! A fully responsive website on all platforms will not only benefit the website owner as it will give the visitor a nice user-friendly look and feel but it you’ll benefit from better Google rankings too!

Below are two screenshots that show you the responsive website on a mobile and tablet device.

Mobile screenshot of the China Gateway website

Interested in Getting your Business Online?

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