Complete Student Recruitment – Website Launch

Today at Broadbiz we have launched another new website!

Complete Student Recruitment are specialists in student and graduate recruitment, whether you’re looking for part time hospitality or full time high end graduate positions, they can make your search simple.

Each member of the Broadbiz team have worked hard to deliver this website and make sure it is top notch and ready to go asap.


Complete Student Recruitment uses some of our most advanced techniques that enable our customer to login and maintain certain aspects of the website using our bespoke Maintenance System.


The design of this website is focused around user experience and the delivery of information. The site has been designed to have an easy access navigation system which means the user is no more than two clicks from the information they are looking for.


The site features a fully database integrated set of pages to deliver dynamic content that is always up to date and a beautiful slide show on the home page that enhances the look of the website. The customers are able to post their jobs through the site and make payments online immediately.

Maintenance System

Our bespoke Maintenance System allows Complete Student Recruitment to edit certain parts of the website text, the information is entered into the database from the maintain system and instantly updates the webpage. This is a service that we provide to websites with constantly changing content.

Interested in Getting your Business Online?

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