Fire Security Services Ltd. – Website Launch

We have just launched a new website for Fire Security Services Ltd.

Fire Security Services are a Kent-based company, specialising in portable fire protection equipment, confined space entry, STCW marine safety and fire training services in the South East of Kent.

Fire Security Services originally had a website built in WordPress. WordPress is software that allows you to make a website using a framework made up of different plugins, sometimes plugins can become out of date as the author of the plugin hasn’t updated them and this is exactly what happened here.

When the website was upgraded to a newer version of the programming language called PHP (due to security concerns) the navigation bar plugin didn’t support this newest version and actually stopped the website working altogether.

This is one of the main reasons we make each of our websites to a custom/bespoke level to ensure that it’s compatible with current and near future versions of programming languages and server software etc.

A WordPress website is a great blogging tool, but to create a website, it requires multiple plugins which you have no control over with regards to updates etc. whereas here at Broadbiz, we have control over everything here.

Take a look at the before and after screenshots below.



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