Launch of the Sue Fitzgerald website

Here is one we missed! A couple of weeks back, we launched a new website for Sue Fitzgerald, a fine artist based in Sandwich, Kent and you can take a look at it at Fitzgerald has been exhibiting with The Catto Gallery for well over twenty years. Her work sells worldwide and she has a following of faithful collectors across the globe.

We have all been working hard on this site to make sure it presents her images in the best possible way.

Sue came to Broadbiz because she wanted an effective way to advertise her paintings, we quickly got an idea of what she was looking for and using our latest design techniques we was able to create a professional functional website within two versions.

Newest Techniques

Quite possibly our first website with our brand new image slider! This slider makes images and text look very attractive as a centre piece. Each member of the Broadbiz team had some kind of involvement in creating this website to ensure it was a masterpiece.

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