Life Skills Manor – Website Launch

In 2016 Broadbiz launched a new website called Life Skills Manor, which is a local school based on educating young children with autism. This proposed secondary school will enable children of East Kent with autism to engage in a specialised curriculum that develops independence through learning transferable life skills that also brings about the highest possible academic progress and standards.

To find out more information, please visit their new website at

Website Screenshot by Broadbiz Web Services Ltd. - Life Skills Manor

Screenshot of the Life Skills Manor website, made by Broadbiz

Logo Design

During the development process, Broadbiz try and gather information about the business such as contact details, general information, images and a logo. In some cases clients are unable to provide a logo which is not a problem, as an additional service we can design a logo for your business.

If you would like to see some examples of our previous logo designs, please visit our website.

Mobile Friendly

The mobile responsive layout allows users to scroll up and down which is good for user navigation. Another benefit of having a responsive website is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), search engines display mobile responsive sites higher on search results.

Life Skills Manor - Mobile Screenshot

Mobile Screenshot of the Life Skills Manor website

Tablet Screenshot of the Life Skills Manor website

Tablet screenshot of the Life Skills Manor website

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