Maximus Green – Website Redesign

Occasionally Broadbiz are taking on new projects which involves redesigning a website to give it a new look and feel. Our latest redesign is for Maximus Green which can be found at

Maximus Green helps you achieve your profit and green energy targets with a significant and sustainable reduction in gas and oil consumption and related heating costs.

Their Magnetic Fuel Conditioners improve the fuel in the pipes ahead of your boilers and CHP’s to give you efficient combustion, generating the same kW output with less fuel.

Before & After

Maximus Green - Before Screenshot

Maximus Green before the website redesign

Maximus Green - After Website Redesign

Maximus Green after the website redesign

Mobile Responsive

Having a mobile friendly site allows users to scroll up and down, instead of pinching and squeezing. This is great for displaying content efficiently as well as making the navigation easy for the users.

Another benefit of having a responsive website is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), search engines such as Google will rank your website higher because 60% of internet users are browsing via mobile devices.

Maximus Green - Mobile Screenshot

Mobile Screenshot of the Maximus Green website

Tablet Screenshot - Maximus Green

Tablet Screenshot of the Maximus Green website


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