National Driving Lessons – Website Launch

Our first website launch for this week goes to National Driving Lessons which is a site dedicated to helping you get on the road..

Barry came to us when he decided he wanted a web presence to promote his business. Broadbiz had an initial meeting with him where we discussed the structure, colour and content of the website. We responded with the first draft which then gave Barry the choice to change anything.

National Driving Lessons Website - Broadbiz Web Services Ltd.

Screenshot of the National Driving Lessons website

The main business model for National Driving Lessons is to help you get your driving test out the way without any hassle. They search for the top driving schools, offering the most highly qualified instructors in the UK. They exclusively list accredited driving schools only, so that you are guaranteed a high level of tuition quality.

Mobile Responsive

Statistics now show over 55% of internet users are browsing via their mobile devices, which means a responsive website will be more beneficial in the modern day.

The mobile responsive site allows users to scroll up and down instead of pinching and squeezing. The other benefit of having a responsive website is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), search engines will generally rank you higher for having a mobile friendly website.

Tablet Screenshot - National Driving Lessons

Tablet screenshot of the National Driving Lessons website

Mobile Screenshot of the National Driving Lessons website - Broadbiz Web Services Ltd.

Mobile Screenshot of the National Driving Lessons website

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