Inman Gardens – Website Launch

Broadbiz have launched a new website for Inman Gardens. They are based in Canterbury & provide a wide range of gardening services to London and South East England.

Martin Inman has been a gardener for the past 20 years and has great experience and knowledge in all aspects of gardening. Martin is now based locally but is happy to work outside the Thanet area as well.

To find out more information, please visit their new website at

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Thanet Vehicle hire – Website Launch

The development of Thanet Vehicle hire has been completed!

This is a new company that has just started up. The manager, a previous customer of ours decided to branch out into Vehicle Hire.

Since the beginning, Broadbiz have been working closely with Thanet Vehicle hire, trading as JECS Vehicle Hire, to help get the website up and running and launch the business into the online world.

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New Website Launch! – The Tooth Fairy, Margate

We have just finished the development of The Tooth Fairy Margate website!

The Tooth Fairy Margate have been running The Denture Shop in Margate for 20 years but early this year they decided to provide an extra service to their business, Teeth Whitening.

The design of the site is simple, yet very effective in the fact it is straight to the point about the services they provide.

For more information about The Tooth Fairy Margate, visit their website or contact them on 01843 571117 or

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Ivy Rose Bridal – Website Launch

Today we have finished the development of Ivy Rose Bridal, a Bridal boutique located in Dover!

Ivy Rose is a brand new unique Bridal Boutique in Kent. They are a charming bridal boutique set in a picturesque countryside location just outside Dover.

This converted barn offers brides timeless bridal style yet offering the most unique and fashion forward wedding gowns from outstanding wedding dress designers, and with affordable price tags ranging from £800 up to £2500.

Check out their website here:

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Galloway & Brown – Website Launch

Broadbiz have just launched another website, this time for Galloway & Brown. Their website can be found here – Galloway & Brown

Galloway & Brown are a brand new online e-commerce shop that specialises in selling lovely homewares for your homes, accessories to wear and gifts for those really special people in your lives. Galloway & Brown are based locally in Broadstairs, Kent.

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HK Safety Services – Website Launch

We have launched a new website for HK Safety Services.

H & K Safety Services Limited was established almost ten years ago and in terms of client numbers and consultants have grown year on year; primarily through their friendly, dedicated team and knowledgeable pragmatic approach to respond to ever-changing health and safety requirements.

To find out more information, please visit their new website at

HK Safety Services by Broadbiz Web Services

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.uk – The Future of UK Domains? We think so…

Over the past couple of years you have probably noticed more and more businesses using .uk on their domains instead of

The domains were released in 2014 and many of our clients have already purchased them.  You may have noticed that here at Broadbiz we have already switched our emails to .uk and the website and client dashboard is due to follow shortly.

Character sitting on .UK logo

The Way We See It

If you think back only a few years, when we told anyone a website address we would say Double-U Double-U Double-U Dot Broadbiz Dot Co Dot UK but we have pretty much dropped the first part and normally say Broadbiz Dot Co Dot UK.

We think that the natural extension of that is that businesses will drop the middle part and will shortly Broadbiz Dot UK.

What Might You Want To Consider

Even if you are not ready to use a .uk domain, we would recommend that you at least secure it so someone else doesn’t nick it! We can register the domain for you and just hold it until you are ready to use it.

How Much Does This Cost?

The costs of domains are pretty inexpensive, to be honest. They have gone up over the past 2 years but we can still secure your domain for you for £15 per year.

Let Us Know If You Want Us To Anything

Like I said, we would recommend this to protect your business so if this is of interest to you, just get in touch using the usual details. You know where we are!

Contact Broadbiz

You are always welcome to come and see us at Kent Innovation Centre, Millennium Way, Broadstairs, Kent, CT10 2QQ, call us on 01843 609372 or email us. We look forward to hearing from you!