Problems with Web Hosting Servers – RESOLVED

This morning there has been an ongoing issue with a single Fasthosts server, which may result in some websites experiencing some problems. Fasthosts are providing updates on their support page which states they have resolved the issue and is in a current process of restoring the data.

The Broadbiz team are regularly checking the Fasthosts updates and when more information is available, we will keep you updated via our blog and social media.

Current: Web Servers – Fasthosts Support Page

  • Friday 20th May 2016

  • Most recent update on Friday 20th May 2016 at 09:15:The progress of the data restore has continued overnight and is approximately 95% complete.
  • Update on Thursday 19th May 2016 at 21:47:Restoration of data is currently at 60%. Engineers are continuing to monitor the server to ensure that the restoration continues without issue. We will update this status page once more information is available.
  • Thursday 19th May 2016

    15:00 We are around 30% through the transfer and sites are back online as soon as content is available.

    13:00 Websites will continue to come back online as files are copied across. It still looks like it will take the rest of the day to complete the data transfer as there is still a lot of data to be uploaded.

    11:30 We are making progress at restoring data to all websites. Due to the amount of data to be restored, this is likely to continue throughout the day.

    10:30 Our Engineering teams are still working on making all websites available.

    07:00 We expect websites to become available one at a time throughout the day, although this will take a long time to complete fully.

    04:00 Apache has been started and all domains have been added onto the server. They are routing correctly but do not currently contain website data.