Royden Stock – New Website Launch!

We have been very busy today at Broadbiz with the launch of yet another website for Royden Stock at


Royden Stock – Dubbed “The Sage of St. Pancras” is an expert on the architecture and history behind the St. Pancras Hotel.

Designing and Developing this website has been a great experience as Royden provided some excellent photos of the building and a vast quantity of content for the site which is great for S.E.O

We started the development of Royden Stock soon after the initial meeting with him, we used some different design techniques to enhance the look and feel of the photographs.


Mobile and Tablet

Royden opted for a mobile friendly design, this changes the layout of the site when it is viewed on a mobile or tablet device to accommodate the difference screen sizes.



Mobile sites can be very beneficial, they allow users to get the best possible viewing experience and they also allow you to reach a higher ranking on Google and other search engines!


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