Anyone for Fish and Chips? Star of the Sea…

Star of the Sea website

Screenshot of the new Star of the Sea website, launched by Broadbiz on 30th June 2015.

They are coming thick and fast at the moment and we have launched another site today.

In Broadstairs High Street opposite Tesco, you will find Star of the Sea and they can now be found online at

Star of the Sea is a traditional, high quality fish & chip shop based at the bottom of Broadstairs High Street, Kent which has won the BEST CHIPS IN KENT award from the Potato Council.

What Domain Name Should We Use?

Star of the Sea used to have a website some time ago but somehow that had lapsed so Carol got in touch with Broadbiz to get that ressurected.

We ummed and ahhed about whether we would use a new domain, maybe or similar but with a stock of paper bags showing, it was a no brainer really.

Coupled with the fact that, the terms fish and chips and broadstairs in the domain name, Google will reference this site really well. Always have a think about that when picking a domain or have a chat with us.

Website Content

The website itself is really quite simple, focussing on where they are, when they are open, their delivery times and areas as well as a menu download. There’s also a gallery of images, some take by the Star of the Sea team and some by the broadbiz team so people can see what they shop looks like inside and out.

Interested in Getting your Business Online?

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