Teall Transport – Website Launch

Last week here at Broadbiz HQ, we launched the Teall Transport website, a haulage company based in East Kent and you can visit what we have done at www.tealltransport.co.uk.

Normally when we are asked to start a website development, we usually know a little about the sector as we have had some experience within it. But this was quite a learning curve for us as we really didn’t know understand the terms: traction or aggregate trailer or tautliner.

Website Screenshot - Teall Transport

Working closely with Brad Teall, we soon got a understanding of what we were trying to get across and Brad has ended up with a clean-looking, simply structured website which makes it clear exactly what Teall Transport can offer.

Mobile Responsive

It also works really well on mobiles and tablets as Brad opted for the mobile-friendly add-on which makes web content so much easier to read on mobile devices. It also gives better Google search rankings so everyone’s a winner.

Mobile Screenshot - Teall Transport

Screenshot for the Teall Transport mobile website

Tablet Screenshot - Teall Transport

Tablet screenshot for the Teall Transport website

Professional Mailboxes Look So Much Better

One of the driver’s (pardon the pun) for getting in touch with Broadbiz was to get a nice email address which gives any organisation a more professional look and feel. So if you are using an AOL, Gmail, Hotmail email address or similar, of course that works just fine but by using an email address associated with the domain, it looks so much better. Brad can now email out from his new email address brad@tealltransport.co.uk. We also configure that as part of the arangement on both phones and desktops.

Interested in Getting your Business Online?

If you are interested in developing something similar or even something completely different, take a look at our packages starting from £20 and get in touch on 01843 609372.