Thanet Business Network Redesign – Now Live!

Broadbiz are proud to be part of Thanet Business Network who are an established business network, meeting at Quex Barn every Wednesday morning.

As well as being members, we also look after their web presence and have been working hard on a new redesign for them, which has now been launched. You can view the new website layout by visiting

Before and After

Further to the previous design, Broadbiz felt that the website could be revamped to produce a cleaner look with a simple navigation system. We have also made the website mobile friendly as these days over 60% of web traffic comes from your mobiles and tablets.

Thanet Business Network - Before Redesign

Screenshot of the Thanet Business Network website – Before the redesign

Thanet Business Network - After Screenshot

Screenshot of the Thanet Business Network website – After the redesign

About Thanet Business Network

The website contains several pages which shows the members of the networks as well as a massive range of the services that they provide. By using the search facilities, visitors can find what they are looking quickly and efficiently. It also includes Facebook and Twitter share facilities so that in one-click, anyone can share the page that they are on.

We see this as a platform for the future of the Thanet Business Network online and already we are getting new ideas from members on how we can communicate, do business and attract more customers.

Mobile Friendly

According to website analytics, 60% of internet users are most likely to be browsing on their mobile device(s). With this taken into account, a responsive website on all platforms will benefit the website owner as well as the visitors.


Mobile Screenshot - Thanet Business Network

Mobile screenshot of the Thanet Business Network website

Tablet Screenshot - Thanet Business Network

Tablet Screenshot of the Thanet Business Network website









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