Updated website and logo design – Cantuaria Stonemasons

Cantuaria Stonemasons who been working with Broadbiz to develop their web presence for 5 years or so and to reward them for the on for a long time, so in return we offered them a free upgrade of their site to display a more neat and user friendly website.

This has also benefited the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) due to the new content and the use of modern day techniques, to help increase the ranking on Google and Bing.


The Old Site vs The New Site

Cantuaria Stonemasons - Before redesign

Cantuaria Stonemasons – Before redesign

Cantuaria Stonemasons - Screenshot

Latest version of Cantuaria Stonemasons

Alan and Bill have worked with us and provided some great images, so a gallery was a great idea to show off their latest work. Each service they provide has its relevant gallery, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

This redesign has kept a similar structure to the previous one, expect we have used a much wider slideshow, cleaner fonts and updated images. Anyone who is to visit this website would be able to navigate around the site no problems.


Logo Design

Previously creating the logo, Cantuaria Stonemasons wanted to get away from the green colour, so we created something something similar but using the colours from the new redesign.

Logo for Cantuaria Stonemasons

Logo for Cantuaria Stonemasons, designed by Broadbiz Web Services Ltd.

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