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Mobile Friendly

Mobile & Tablet Friendly web design by Broadbiz Web Services

At Broadbiz, we understand we need to keep ourselves informed of the rapidly-changing world of technology. Recent advances in mobile-friendly technologies and Google's use of them is one great example of that. We believe in keeping our new and current customers abreast of what's going on in order to keep their websites ahead of the competition.

Google React to 65% of Internet Traffic on Mobile

In early 2015, it was reported that over 65% of internet traffic came through mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. In April 2015, Google announced that they would be using the "mobile friendliness" of websites as part of their search rankings. So we have reacted to that and have started to develop a series of mobile friendly websites for our clients.

"Pinch & Spread" vs "Flick & Scroll"

Although all our website work perfectly on all devices using the "Pinch & Spread" method, the additional layout for mobile devices including phones and tablets allows users to navigate the website using the "Flick & Scroll" method.

What Do These look Like?

If you would like to see an example of this in action, take a look at www.ramsgateweek.com on both a desktop and a mobile device to see the difference. Or you can click the images below to see enlarged versions.

Image of Ramsgate Week website on desktop Image of Ramsgate Week website on tablet Image of Ramsgate Week website on mobile

"Mobile Friendly" vs "Mobile Responsive"

What are mobile-friendly websites?

Mobile-friendly websites display perfectly well on desktop and mobile devices, i.e. phones and tablets. They are small enough to load over mobile networks and they don't include things like Flash which has incompatibility issues.

They can be read easily and can be navigated using the "Pinch & Spread" method. Obviously your mobile device will be smaller but ultimately, you can see the website, read the content and have the same experience as if you were looking at the website on a desktop.

What is a responsive website?

Responsive web design (RWD) takes a different approach to designing your website. The website is written in such a way that it detects what type of device you are using and delivers you a suitable layout.

You can navigate the site using the "Flick & Scroll" method similar to the way in which you would navigate one of your apps, such as Facebook or Twitter.

The navigation menu will alter dependent on what device you are using; the desktop site will display a navigation bar whilst the mobile version will give you a button to click on at which point the navigation menu will appear.

Most importantly though, it's the same content. Some developers will provide you two websites, one for desktop and one for mobile. That not only causes additional effort and complexities in keeping the site up-to-date but it's also not favoured by Google who see a whole bunch of conflicting pages and content.

What do Broadbiz do?

We do things the right way for you. Remember, we are looking to work with you as long as you are in business so it's in our interest to get it right and to keep it right!

We take your website and make it fully responsive so it works on desktop and it works on mobile as well. It's the same content and most importantly it's all of your content. The information that you have is available on all devices and if you really want to switch between the two layouts, there's always a link at the bottom to allow you to do that.

Web Design Packages

Web Design Packages by Broadbiz Web Services

Broadbiz take a very different approach to many web design companies and believe that we are providing you an ongoing service as opposed to a one-off product. Our monthly fees from as little as £20 aim to give you everything . . . More

Mobile Friendly

Examples of Mobile Friendly websites made used by Broadbiz Web Services

With over 65% of internet traffic now happening on mobile devices like mobile phones and tablets, it's important to let you customers see your information in a simple and easy to read format. . . . More


Screenshots of some of the eCommerce websites, designed by Broadbiz Web Services

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Our Portfolio

Screenshots of some of the websites, designed by Broadbiz Web Services

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In The Community

In the Community by Broadbiz Web Services

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