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Community: Broadstairs Society Redesign

We have been working with the Broadstairs Society over the past few weeks to revamp their website and bring it right up-to-date and into the 2020s.

Working with Peter and Denise, we gave a wide range of advice around how they can make their web presence look as good as it can. With the help of local photographer, Kerri's Photography, we were able to show of the true beauty of the town.

We were able to create pages to talk about their awards, their work within the Campaign to Protect Rural England, conservation and planning and much more.


What Is Next?

There is more to come on the website. The society relies on donations so once the dust has settled we will be working with them to get donation and subscription facilities on the site. Then people who care about keeping the look and feel can donate a few pennies or pounds to help the society achieve that.


The Broadstairs Society

The Broadstairs Society was founded in 1964 with the aim of keeping the look and feel of the Broadstairs we all love whilst embracing positive changes.


Our Community Programme

Community matters to us and we make sure that we help those organisations to make the most of the Internet.

Ever since our early days we have worked within the East Kent community where we are based and worked with charities and community organisations to help with their web presences. In all cases we have provided our services at drastically reduced prices or in some cases at no cost.

You can read more on our website.

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