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How to Promote Your Website

A little earlier in January, I was asked to make a presentation to the Thanet Business Network advising members on ways in which they can increase the traffic to their website. The presentation went through a series of techniques both online and offline and culminated in this final slide which pretty much covers it.

High Quality Content

Google loves content. Simple as that. When people are searching for goods and services, Google is matching what is being searched against what you have on your website. If you haven’t taken a good look through your website content for a while, take half an hour to do so and let us have any updates.


High Quality SEO & Links

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and in short it is taking the relevant bits and pieces and placing them in the places that Google would expect to see it and we make sure we do that for you. That’s why you all rank so high. Any links back to your site are also really good for Google, so always get as many of those as you can. SEO is much bigger than that and feel free to call us for a chat about that.


Social Media

Facebook and Twitter are the key tools that we use but there are a whole range of others as well. Having a really good presence on social media is great for your public perception but it also directs a whole load of traffic to your site. Make sure you always include a link back to your website when post so people know about your website. We are planning on running some social media training courses, so if you might be interested in that, then let us know.


Printed Media

It’s not all about online promotion. Think about any printed media that you have and always include your website address on all of it. So, business cards, letterheads, clothing, leaflets, shopfronts, vehicles, etc. Basically if you can put your web address on it, you should do that!


Blog & Fresh Content

We can’t stress enough how important fresh content is. Google loves it and the more fresh content you can get on your site, the better. Many of our clients – you may be one of them – have taken to blogging. This is a really simple tool which allows you to write short (or long articles if you want) articles talk about what you do and at the same time, raise your profile and increase your traffic. You can see ours at www.broadbiz.co.uk/blog. Get in touch if you want to have a chat about blogging.



When you search on Google you will have seen the top few links have the word Ad next to them and these are Google AdWords, their pay-per-click offering. Basically you are buying clicks through to your site and whilst that may sound expensive, it may still be worthwhile. Let’s say you are spending £50 on AdWords a month but that brings in £500 in revenue, that probably doesn’t sound so expensive! It’s not right for everyone, but will certainly work for some of you.


Email & SMS Marketing

We offer simple tools that allow you to send professional email and SMS text messages to your clients, track activity and direct people to your site. That is exactly what this email is and you will see that it looks rather different  to the emails that you send out from your phone or laptop.


Word of Mouth

Old school! But always talk about your website. If your website has all the content that you need and looks great, why not tell people to take a look. Most probably will.


Get In Touch
If any of the information that we have given you here is of interest, useful or even confusing, please feel free to get in touch and we will give you our usual helping hand.

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