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SEO Checking for all Website Launches

Something we get asked all the time is How can I get seen on Google?

Whilst we have our own SEO packages which are labour intensive and quite costly, we always look after our clients as best we can with an extensive 14 step launch process.

Amongst other things it includes:

  • Spell Checker - self explanatory
  • Broken Link Checker - to check for anything that is not directing properly
  • Google Analytics - so you can check traffic on your site
  • Google Submissions - including Google My Business if you don't already have one
  • SEO Check - to check we have done everything the way Google likes it

So you can be assured that event though you're not spending a load of money on our SEO services, you are still getting a top quality website and website launch.

Get in touch if you want us to take care of this for you.

Image representing SEO Checking for all Website Launches from Broadbiz Web Services Ltd.