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Thanet Ear Syringing: Website Launch

First thing this week is a website that we were working on last week for Stephen Foster, a clinician based in Broadstairs.

Stephen offers an ear syringing service for £50 either through home visits, or by making an appointment to see him at his clinic in Sandwich. He has been providing this service to his patients for more than 15 years and has 25+ years experience as a clinician in a variety of areas.

As this is a service that the NHS will no longer be providing - take a look at the In The News section - Stephen is offering a valuable service at your home in Thanet.

The website, which is one of a pair of websites that we are creating for Stephen, is focused on a single service with a well named domain name to take advantage of of part of Google's search algorithm.

Take a look at the site at https://www.thanetearsyringing.com/ and keep an eye out for the second allergy testing site which should be out later this week.

Image representing Thanet Ear Syringing: Website Launch from Broadbiz Web Services Ltd.