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Your website needs to be the key place on the Internet for people to find your information. But there are so many other techniques that can be used to drive traffic to your website and get your information out there.

Good use of social media will bring traffic to your site at no cost whereas Google & Facebook advertising will cost but could be worth expoloring. We can add more to your website such as Live Chat software, blogs, news feeds & more as well as run set-up and run email newsletter software for you.

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Email Newsletters

Keep at the top of your customers' mailbox with GDPR-compliant Mailchimp software.

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SEO Reporting

Keep your website ranking well with Google with our free SEO reporting service

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Blog / News Feed

Increase the size of your website each day with our super simple News feed software.


Google Advertising

Make the most of pay-per-click advertising with Google that we can set up & run.

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Facebook Advertising

Engage with over 40m UK Facebook users with sponsored advertising from just £10.

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Live Chat Software

Chat with your customers via your website with chat software linked to your phone.

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Domains & Mailboxes

Register your domains with us but in your name and link professional mailboxes to them.

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Social Media

Have us set up and advise you on the best use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn.

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Content Management

Manage the content of your site with our simple CMS; news, events, FAQs, offers & more.

Mailchimp Newsletters - Set-up & Manage

Repeat sales represents a large proportion of UK business. But as customers with so much going on in our busy lives, it is easy to forget who we dealt with.

We work with a Mailchimp email newsletter software giving you full control over how you liaise with your customers. Mailchimp have full paid accounts but we find that their free account is sufficiient for small businesses which allows you:

  • Up to 2000 subscribers / email recipients
  • Up to 12000 emails per month
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image of Mailchimp Newsletters by Broadbiz Web Services Ltd.

SEO Reporting

Once your website is live, it's importnat to keep your website ranking well with Google and we can help gauge where you are with our free SEO reporting service.

Whether you are a Broadbiz client or not, we will happily run your website through our SEO tool which will give you a grade between A and E (like at school!) and it will show you where improvements can be made.

Of course some of the changes will be technical with things like SSL, sitemaps, alt tags, etc. and some will be content-related wth things like links into the site, fresh content, quality content, etc.

Either way we are happy to advise and help out.

image of SEO Reporting by Broadbiz Web Services Ltd.

Blog / News Feed

Reach out to your customers with your own news feed on your website. We can set everything up then let you take control of your own posts using our really simple Content Management functionality.

We have taken the best of the content management systems on the market, simplified that enormously and developed our own. Three clicks and a simple picture upload and you have a brand new page on your site showing the news item.

Not only that but the news feed functionality is absolutely free with any of our packages from Starter upwards.

image of Blog / News Feed by Broadbiz Web Services Ltd.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising can be a really effective, cost effective way of targetting your customers or potential customers.

With over 40m UK Facebook users and with Facebook holding huge amounts of data about us - whether we like it or not! - businesses are able to target people's timelines dependent on age, location, gender, interests and much more.

You can start with a tiny advertising campaign costing as little as £10, lasting from a week and find out of it works for your businesses. Then if that does work, you could be creating a longstanding stream of new customers to your website.

image of Facebook Advertising by Broadbiz Web Services Ltd.

Live Chat Software

We can install live chat software onto your website! This allows your customers to get in touch with you directly through the website.

How it works

We use the Tawkto live chat software which will display a chat bubble at the bottom left of the website. when a user submits a message you will get a notification through the Tawkto dashboard.

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image of Live Chat Software by Broadbiz Web Services Ltd.

Domains & Mailboxes

Many business can professionalise their interaction withe their customers just by buying a domain and attaching a simple mailbox to it.

Whilst using Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. addresses works just fine, there is nothing better than having business email addresses that refkect the name of your business.

To enable that we would need to buy a domain on your behalf and attach and mailbox to that and typically that could only cost around £40 per year.

image of Domains & Mailboxes by Broadbiz Web Services Ltd.

Social Media Set-up & Advise

Social media platforms can help to promote your business in a way that was never possible in past decades. It's social media, so you need to work at it and there's no magic wands. But by getting involved in these three communities, you are opening up your customer base to a huge amount of potential custom.

Of course Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other platforms are all available in your customers' pockets 24 hours a day

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image of Social Media by Broadbiz Web Services Ltd.

Content Management System (CMS)

We've been hard at work developing the Broadbiz Dashboard! Aside from managing your package with us you can also update your website!

We've built many different functions that we can install on your website for you, these include:

  • News Items
  • Events
  • FAQs
  • Galleries
  • Testimonials
  • Team Members
  • Articles
  • Audio
  • Case Studies
  • Documents
  • Menus
  • Newsletters
  • Offers
  • Products
  • Projects
  • Sports Fixtures
  • Vacancies
  • Videos
image of Content Management by Broadbiz Web Services Ltd.

The Dashboard is available 24/7 allowing you to edit your website at any time, you can even schedule your news items to be published in the future! Keeping your website up to date is beneficial for your SEO, the more content Google has the better your results will be!

Image of Content Management News List by Broadbiz Web Services Ltd.

List of news items in our CMS

Image of Content Management Add News by Broadbiz Web Services Ltd.

Adding a news item in our CMS

Image of Content Management Update News by Broadbiz Web Services Ltd.

Updating a news item in our CMS

Image of Content Management Image Upload by Broadbiz Web Services Ltd.

Uploading an image in our CMS