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Development Process

We try and keep our development process as simple as possible for you. Often our clients are outside of their comfort zone when they are building a website.

"I Don't Know Anything About Computers"

This the phrase that we often hear most often. But the point is, you don't need to know about computers because we do.

As long as you know your business, we will be able to extract the relevant information from you and get it into a web presence that works.

and we are here to make the process as straight forward as possible so you you make the most of the web.

No Techno Babble

One of the things that we are proud of is that we will speak your language. It's easy for IT specialists to wander over into techno babble and we are proud of the fact that we speak your language.

If there is anything that you don't understand during the process, please just ask!

Building Long Term Client Relationships

At Broadbiz, we will always give you best advice throughout this whole development process making sure that you end up with the best web presence for your business.

We will never try and sell you something that you don't need as our aim is always to build and maintain long term client relationships.

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StepWhat Happens
1. Get In Touch

The customer gets in touch with us either through our website, by phone, through social media or referred by an existing Broadbiz client.

In most cases we have an initial chat and then arrange a meeting either in person or online whichever the customer prefers.

2. Initial Meeting

When we meet up online or in person, we will try to get a full understanding of what you, the customer of trying achieve with your web presence.

We will bring our experience of developing 100s of website over the years and advise on what is the best package for you.

If there are additional functions such as online sales, booking systems, login security, etc. there may be additional costs to the base package which we will advise on.

3. Proposal

Now that we have the full detail of what you need, we will send a full, detailed proposal of the functionality and the associated costs.

If you have any questions, of course you are welcome to come back to us but if all is OK, we will send you an invoice for the first 3 months plus 50% of any set-up costs.

4. Development Kick-off

Once you have paid the invoice, sent back your development contract and set up your Direct Debit, that indicates your commitment to the project and we will kick off the development of your website.

5. Development

We will already have had discussions with you about how you want your website to look, in almost all cases following your branding and logo.

In around 10 days we will send you a link to your draft website for your full, frank review. We are never emotional about our designs; we are putting together what we think you need. If that is not the case, please make sure you tell us, however small the change.

This is an iterative process with versions going back and forwards between you and us up to a point that you are happy with the website.

6. Website Launch

Now your website is ready to go, we take it through a 15-step launch process including:

  • Check your website for spelling errors and broken links
  • Run your website through our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tool
  • Set up your sitemap and submit them to Google, Bing and others
  • Set up Google Analytics so you can monitor your website traffic on your desktop, tablet or mobile
  • Set up your Google My Business listing if you don't already have one
  • Create your Broadbiz Dashboard account so you can manage elements of your website and keep track of what we do on your website
  • Send you your customer documentation and access instructions
  • Write a new item on our website and post that out through our own social media channels
At Broadbiz, we will always give you best advice throughout this whole development process making sure that you end up with the best web presence for your business. We will never try and sell you something that you don't need as our aim is always to build and maintain long term client relationships.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Once your website is live, it's importnat to keep your website ranking well with Google and we can help gauge where you are with our free SEO reporting service.

Whether you are a Broadbiz client or not, we will happily run your website through our SEO tool which will give you a grade between A and E (like at school!) and it will show you where improvements can be made.

Of course some of the changes will be technical with things like SSL, sitemaps, alt tags, etc. and some will be content-related wth things like links into the site, fresh content, quality content, etc.

Either way we are happy to advise and help out.

Image of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) by Broadbiz Web Services Ltd.

Google Maps and Submissions

We have all used Google Maps / My Business to find places and businesses that we are looking for.

As part of all our packages, we use their Google My Business tool to submit your business details to Google and they will then verify that with you either by phone, text or a postcard.

Google Submit URL

Google can only know about your website if we let it know. As part of all our packages, we provide a free submission to Google as well as the Open Directory Project which feeds a host of other search engines.

Image of Google Maps and Submissions by Broadbiz Web Services Ltd.

Google Analytics

We install Google analytics on all of our websites as standard, Google analytics is software that monitors your website's visitors and what they do on your website!

We'll get you set up with the Google Analytics app so you can check your analytics 24/7! Watch your visitors in real time and collect information from them including what devices they use and their geographical location.

You can learn a lot about what demographic your website attracts, how long each user spends on the site and exactly what pages they are looking at all in real time!.

Image of Google Analytics by Broadbiz Web Services Ltd.

Broadbiz Dashboard

We've been hard at work developing the Broadbiz Dashboard! Aside from managing your package with us you can also update your website!

We've built many different functions that we can install on your website for you, these include:

  • News
  • Events
  • FAQs
  • Galleries
  • Testimonials
  • Team Members
  • Products
  • And many more!
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Image of Broadbiz Dashboard by Broadbiz Web Services Ltd.